17 de dezembro de 2008

2008 in (a happy) retrospective

I took some time to answer Alexander Kjerulf's questions about 2008. I like the exercise, specially because we are not used to stopping and thinking about what we are doing and how things are coming out in our life, particularly in our work life. Some questions are tricky for the untrained mind, but worth spending some time on though.

1. What went really well for you at work in 2008?

I think the way I could expose myself to different business situations really made me think about the goals I want to pursue in my career, and based on that I could really differentiate what adds value to my career from what doesn't.

2. What did you do that you’re proud of?
I'm proud of my self-discipline and personal organization to deliver long complex projects on target, even working from home, without the team spirit that contributes so much to keep us motivated and focused.

3. Who have you helped out?
A bunch of people... from team members to people from different organizations I've never heard of before.

4. How have you grown and developed professionally?
By being in contact with people who have different professional and cultural backgrounds. I made sure I attended all the meetings and took something out of them in terms of learning. For me, nowadays, there's no better way to learn something than to be with other people, collaborate and make them collaborate with you.

5. How have you grown and developed personally at work?
By listening to more experienced people I had the luck to with with.

6. Who has really appreciated your work?
This is hard for me to answer. At HP, feedback doesn't get to you that easily. But I can say I managed to pull out some kudos here and there along the year, and a couple of eAwards (internal recognition prize).

7. Who has helped you out and been there for you?
All the program managers I worked with.

8. Who have you admired at work in 2008?
My friend Flavio Richieri who keeps (re)inventing his solutions portfolio and building a impeccable sales speech around value to the customer.

9. What have been some fun moments at work in 2008?
Attending training delivery sessions in the US and in Brazil. Those are funny folks to be with.

10. Which 5 things from 2008 would you like to have more of in 2009?
Thanks for asking!
- Money
- Meet new and interesting people
- Face-to-face meetings
- Travel abroad
- New learning tools/practices to test

Thank you Alex for posting such interesting questions. Can't wait to see yours answers. Have a wonderful 2009!

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