18 de março de 2009

Workplace Learning in 10 Years

Tony Karrer asks the BIG question,

If you peer inside an organization in 10 years time and you look at how workplace learning is being supported by that organization, what will you see?

In answering this, I’m going to be brief and pragmatic. I expect to see:
  • "Training" will dissapear as a word for human interactions, "Learning" becomes the only reference to what we do.
  • Semantic Search engines capable of suggesting content to the learner based on the documents he/she possesses and his/her navigation through the company's intranet
  • No L1 or L2 assessment. Workplace life will be full of "nano" assessment interactions to verify worker's competence. Some interactions will be so subtle that even the learner would realize he/she has been evaluated.
  • Ever heard of "stand-up meetings"? People involved in Agile Development or Scrum knows what it is. We will have "stand-up" learning sessions where people are invited to show, talk, demonstrate, interact with others for a very short period of time. Image capture devices (cameras? 2019?) will make possible to remote workers to participate, because.......
  • There will be no more travelling for what used to be called "training". Sorry folks, no more free flights, no more... Paris. *sigh* The argument is well known for this: cost, carbon footprint, time spent, and so on.
Okay, that was my 5 cent contrib. A cent per bullet item.

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Tony Karrer disse...

Good comments. I especially appreciate the standup meeting/learning reference.