8 de junho de 2009

Solving Palm Centro death after full battery recharge

Having a Palm PDA/phone is a love and hate relationship. On the one hand you love it because it is simple to use and yet powerful. On the other hand its operating system, PalmOS, is rather unstable and frequently causes what people call a "death", when you phone/PDA simply doesn't turn on. I went through this "death" weeks ago after leaving my Centro charging batteries over night.

In my attempt to get the problem resolved I called support three or four times (I guess) and they couldn't either identify the root causes of the problem, nor solve it. But then one day I have managed to solve the problem myself, so I decided I should share it here.


After a long battery recharge period (many hours) via AC adaptor your Palm won't turn on. The only sign of life would be a red blinking light on the top left corner of the device.

If it turns on, you can't make any calls and it would start synching every 15 seconds or so.


1. Remove both battery and SIM card
2. Leave SIM out and put battery back on. Palm will "reboot". As it finishes rebooting you will notice it will keep trying to reconnect to your phone carrier. This is a good sign.
3. Press the red power button down and hold it for a few seconds. Your phone will shut down telephony, becoming a dumb PDA.
4. Remove the battery again, put SIM back on then the battery. Let it reboot.
5. Once it's done starting up, press the red button again and hold. Your phone should start connecting to your carrier.
6. Done! No more blank screen nor blinking red light. You can do some testing by removing your battery once again, waiting a few seconds and putting it back on without removing the SIM this time just to certify the phone is working properly.

That's it! Leave a comment if you found this helpfull or if you have a different workaround for the problem.

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