13 de dezembro de 2014

Script for the 2016 Giro D’Italia Promo Video

Movie starts with grandson and grandfather pushing their bikes uphill in a countryside landscape

Grandson: “Nonno, is it true that you rode all this when you were younger?”

Grandfather grins and answers: “Yes, indeed. I rode all this and many other places when I was young. I rode endless flatlands…

A series of images of Italian landscapes are played while grandfather describes them to his grandson

“…visited historical places all over the country, climbed very steep hills in hot days, but also went through ice and snow. And I really liked that.”

Scene turns to the boy to show his amusement with his grandfather’s story

Grandson: “Wow, and you did that all by yourself?”

Grandfather grins and answers: “No, my dear one, I was never alone…”

Sequence of scenes is played with footage of past editions of the Giro indicating the grandfather was flashbacking to when he was a professional rider

“…I rode them with many other riders, some of them were my team, some were not. There were a lot of people standing alongside of the road cheering for us, so we would never give up, we should be going faster and faster. You know… I remember we were all here in this very hill, all the cheering, shouting, and I could only think about one single thing.”

Sequence stops

Grandson and grandfather arrive at a small cabin on the right side of the road and stop at the door steps

Grandson: “And what was it?”

Grandfather: “I will show it to you. Come inside.”

Scene cuts to a room inside the cabin decorated with bike parts, old cycling photographs, medals and trophies.

Grandfather opens a drawer and pulls out a pink colored cycling jersey and holds it opened in front of the child

Grandfather: “La Maglia Rosa”

Grandson: “Wow, cool! Can I have it?”

Grandfather grins: “No, no… this one is mine. But if you really want your own, you have train really hard…”

Sequence of scenes of contemporary Giro editions showing renowned riders in action

Grandfather: “…climb many mountains, fight the wind, the rain and the cold. Oh, and the cold will test your bravery, your grit. Only a true passionate rider can cross the finish line with his arms raised and be honored with the cheers from the crowd. It has always been like this. Winning makes us what we are. This is our code as riders of the Giro.

Sequence cuts to the grandson

Grandson: “The Giro?”

Grandfather: “The Giro D’Italia”

Camera cuts to the child’s eyes as they fade into the eyes of a grown up young rider with a helmet on. As the camera moves away it is possible to see it is a rider charging the pedals uphill along with a peloton of other riders.

Scene switches to another flashback in which the rider remembers his grandfather holding the pink jersey in front of him

Scene returns to current time when the rider passes by the same old cabin where he had first contact the pink jersey

Rider grins for brief moment as he keeps pushing harder and harder until the peloton is dropped from his wheel.

Final scene: rider is still charging up on his pedals while taking a tight hairpin. As he leaves the hairpin camera opens and shows the finish line with many fans cheering on both sides of the road for a supposedly stage winner and Maglia Rosa contender.

The end

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